Well, I’ve always gotten high marks in Oral…

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My entry for the ‘Devirginizing Edward Contest’ got judges’ pick for Best Blow Job, and I received this awesome banner created by @TouchStone67 as a prize.

Thank you to all of you who voted for ‘Of Love and Silence’ in the competition, I appreciate it so much.

If you would like to read my entry, you can find it ~*here*~. I hope you like it. ~Lost


‘DETAILS’ Outtakes 1

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Let the torturous outtakes begin… -_- ~Lost & Fallen

We want ALL the ‘DETAILS’, Rob…

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So, I think it’s clear that Fallen and I just about freaked the fuck out when the Details article and pictures surfaced about Rob. I swear, JUST when I get the littlest bit of relief from that boy…BAM! He’s even more fucking amazing than before. >_<

Fallen and I both independently decided this picture was our favorite. And we wanted to make an avatar of it. But, we decided neither of should have it, since we both love it so much. Just like Rob…

[click the pic for a wicked close-up]

This bathtub one just rocks my world. Amazing photograph. And I am now staunchly #TeamWhitePants… ~Lost

Fallen worked her cute little ass off to create the following magnificence:

Fallen: When I first saw this photo of Rob and the model with their faces veiled, I instantly knew it was an re-enactment, if you will, of a painting I had come to really sort of adore years ago. When it was shown in an English Lit. book, in a class I had taken, I fell in love, but never knew the background or even the artist’s name.  It took me awhile to find the painting online, but was definitely worth the hunt and to be able to post here, on RitD, for the comparison I’ve yet to see any other blog make.

The painting is titled Les Amants, or The Lovers, by a popular artist named René Magritte.

Sadly, according to a Wikipedia article, “little is known about Magritte’s early life. He began lessons in drawing in 1910. On 12 March 1912, his mother committed suicide by drowning herself in the River Sambre. This was not her first attempt; she had made many over a number of years, driving her husband Léopold to lock her into her bedroom. One day she escaped, and was missing for days. She was later discovered a mile or so down the river, dead. According to a legend, 13 year old Magritte was present when her body was retrieved from the water, but recent research has discredited this story, which may have originated with the family nurse. Supposedly, when his mother was found her dress was covering her face, an image that has been suggested as the source of several paintings Magritte painted in 1927–1928 of people with cloth obscuring their faces, including Les Amants.”

Lost: Beautiful, and tragic. Just like my little Fallen…great job, and find. How cool, right?

DaliDay ~ Febuary 11th, 2010

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We are going to pretend we posted this on the 11th when it was written up, instead of way early morning on the 12th, ok? *sheepish smile, hiding under piles of blankets, my coffee cup teetering on the edge of the desk* Great. A little lie never hurt anyone… oh hell, this is the Devil’s playground, sin away my pets! *wicked grin* Sin away…

This Daliday we would like to do a sort of comparison of beauty, if you will….

Lost and I both agree that the real Salvador Dali has this… hauntingly beautiful face and expression in his photographs. Just like someone else we know… *coughsRobertPattinsonwheezes*

Don’t believe me? Check this:

this first photo is Lost and Fallen’s favorite…

Just LOOK at that face… *sighs happily and a little creeped out but not really*

Lost: I remember when I found this picture, and Fallen’s reaction…  Her: ‘Whoa. I kinda like it.’ Me: I KNOW.

[click on the pics below for more wicked close-ups of RitD’s favorite artist]

It’s sort of obvious why they chose Rob to play him, no? That’s what I thought *swoons a little, ‘I <3 Dali’ memorabilia falling all over the floor*

Oh and this? This is just too hilarious not to share…

Lost: I read that Rob spent hours trying to prefect Dali’s mannerisms and expressions…I’d say he was a great success. Fallen and I have also both read The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, Dali’s autobiography. I would recommend it to anyone. It was a challenging read, but so incredibly worth it. Salvador Dali was truly a genius, and perhaps one of the most interesting, and addicting, minds in history.

FanFic Friday #3 – ‘The Sinner’ by Domward’s Mistress

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This fanfic is written by Domward’s Mistress, @Dannie7786, and it is being featured on RitD not only because it is a wonderful piece of work, but because it was unjustly removed from FanFiction.net for apparently ‘offending’ someone with it’s religious overtones.  When I heard this, I was outraged, since this is one of the most beautiful fics I’ve ever read.  So, Fallen and I immediately decided to ask Dannie if she would be willing to let us feature her story on our blog. Luckily, she said ‘yes’.  ~Lost

You can find more from Domward’s Mistress at: http://www.fanfiction.net/~Domwards_Mistress

The characters in this story were created, and are owned, by Stephenie Meyer. This is an original,  slash-pairing fiction. NC-17

The Sinner

By: Domward’s Mistress

“Wait,” he panted. “Stop, we can’t do this.” His naked body felt so perfect lying on top of mine, his strong hands in my hair, his full, pouty lips parted with heavy breaths escaping them, washing over my face as he looked down at me, his blue eyes blazing with an intensity that made shivers course through my body. I could see the storm raging in them, the battle he was fighting inside to make himself believe that this wasn’t what he wanted.

But his bare, hard cock pressing against my own was enough to prove how much he wanted it.

How much he wanted me.

“Please, don’t…don’t stop. It feels so right. It always feels so right,” I begged shamelessly, one hand constantly running up and down his back. I had waited too long to have him like this again. To have him alone, and baring his body, and his soul as well, to me. While to the outside world he was your average boy next door, with me, to me, he was so much more. I was privileged to be able to see him like this, this secret side that he kept hidden from everyone else. As much as I knew being with me like this caused him the same amount of emotional turmoil as physical pleasure, I knew the pleasure…and possibly the love, would always win out, but not without a price.

“But it isn’t right,” he murmured brokenly after burying his face into my neck, his moist breath washing over the tender skin there. With his entire weight settling comfortably on top of me, I wrapped my arms around him, stroking his honey colored hair, knowing that eventually it would calm him, help soothe away some of his demons, even if only temporarily.

That was what we did.

He’d fight it, hold off as long as possible, and I’d beg, plead with him to understand that what we felt for each other was not wrong.

It was not immoral.

It was not a sin.

It was love.

To continue ‘The Sinner’, please click ‘Read More’ below…

Continue reading

Global Issue Poll #5: Strategic Deforestation

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Lost: For me, there was that awkward talk of, “No, I don’t want anything Rob…” but while saying that, I gave them the eyes that said, “If you love me, you will buy it ALL.”

Fallen: Flashback to Thanksgiving
Dad: *after arguing with uncle for past half hour* Hey, you like Twilight. *unglues eyes from TV screen after New Moon commercial airs to look at me*
Me: Sure.
Dad: What’s that Edward guy’s real name?
Me: I don’t know… *attempts to leave room of staring family members*
Dad: Yes you do! It’s Robert what? Patterson? Pattinson? Which one?
Me: *facepalms, mutters* I don’t know. *hides in Aunt’s kitchen*
Dad: *yelling* Yes you do! Which is it??
Me: I DON’T FUCKING KNOW! *runs to hide in cousins room*

Let’s just say, they ALL know I want it ALL…now. *grumbles* Thanks Dad.

In this poll, please select all that apply, no limit! *wink*

Lost: Since I usually buy everything Rob I want (just waiting for that anatomical latex doll…it’s gotta be in the works), I did good with getting Twilight ‘Scene-it’, the New Moon game (both from my Dad, aww), and an Edward ‘wii-mote’ skin <– from the boyfriend!  Shocking.

Fallen: And even though my Thanksgiving was mortifying… *cuddles Edward blanket* I did get a few Robward items this year for Christmas due to it, so it didn’t end up being so SO horrible… (is also waiting *fingers crossed without shame*)

Please leave a comment with exactly what sorts of Robbie wonders you got for Christmas!

Happy Holidays, Love ~ RobistheDevil Blog

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You didn’t think we would let this holiday go by without doing some sort of ridiculous shit, did you?

Here’s to hoping you don’t get too…*bites lip, breath hitches* ‘tied up’ this holiday season…click manips for a larger view

Lost: I’ve noticed a plethora of Rob’s with Santa hats on, and I’m going to be honest, most of them *closes eyes, shakes head slowly*, not good. Plus, I feel this leaves out our other friends who perhaps do not celebrate Christmas, but also cherish this time of year as a holiday season.

Therefore, I give you HanukkahRob.  It is tasteless and offensive, much like most SantaRob’s I have had to endure for the past month. I also have made a dirty joke in reference to Rob and a Jewish faith practice.

Don’t get it? I’ll give you a hint: all Jewish boys have this done to them, and it is also a very common practice in America, although not for religious reasons. It is NOT a common practice in England, however…*raises a wicked brow, smirks*

Now that we have thoroughly disrespected two of the major holidays of this season, I would like to share with you a prime example of a GOOD use of a SantaRob. Behold.

Fallen: I saw someone far more fun to sing about than my mother kissing Santa Clause this year…

Really, it’s just an excuse to put up this picture I love the idea of Santa/Elf Slash action…*coughs, smiles innocently*

Merry Christmas! xoxo ~Lost & Fallen